What if Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, and Mary Shelley decided to play Symphonic Metal music? You would get Astral Eyes – the world’s first Romantic Metal band.

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A little bit more on Astral Eyes…

katia-paul-sss Romantic Symphonic Metal music

From San Francisco comes Astral Eyes, the world’s first Romantic Metal band. An offshoot of Symphonic Metal, Astral Eyes heavily studied the symphonies, concertos, and overtures of the greatest music ever written – Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, Wagner, and Mendelssohn.

Katia Decker is an Opera Contralto and lyricist who also loves Ella Fitzgerald, Adele, Tarja Turunen, and Rosemary Clooney. She possesses a strong and powerful voice that can reach deep into your soul and bring out the love, the hate, the passion, the warfare, and the pain.

Paul Rubino is a Classically trained Composer who happens to love all things Metal. He wields Good and Evil Guitars like the Devil playing the Blues.

Together, with a slew of the San Francisco Bay Area’s best session musicians, they have recorded a Symphonic Metal masterpiece, Make Me a New Heart. The world’s first ever Romantic Metal album, you HAVE to hear it to believe it.

Astral Eyes features a strong female Metal/Opera vocalist with orchestrations that will make even the top Hollywood composers look like amateurs. Give them a listen, and you’ll notice that’s not even a slight exaggeration.

Astral Eyes combines the best of both worlds – Europe’s gorgeous melodies, lush compositions, and brilliant counterpoint with America’s groove and Blues. And the music is unmistakeably METAL, with their pounding, driving rhythms, the way Metal was supposed to be made. Can music really be both this powerful and this gorgeous at the same time?

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