Up in Flames - The video that never got made

Astral Eyes - human sacrifice Kill the Witch!

It's funny how things work. The original Up in Flames video was going to be animated. These are some of the concept drawings for the video. We'll also explain what's going on.

As you know, Up in Flames is a love song between a dragon and a girl where the girl was to be sacrificed to the dragon, but instead, the dragon falls in love with her. Thus, the sacrifice went wrong; really, really wrong for the people doing the sacrificing.
Astral Eyes - heroine praying Heroine praying

The writers of the video made a twist though. They made her a witch, so it wasn't just the dragon falling in love with her. The girl caused the dragon to fall in love with her. (A dragon is indeed a good ally to have).
Astral Eyes - girl casts spell Heroine casting a love spell

Pretty smooth move by the witch. We left it up to the person watching the video why the girl was being sacrificed. It could be just another one of those rituals where the village sacrifices a random virgin to the dragon. Or it could be the village found out she's a witch and has some silly law against witchcraft. (For the record, the band Astral Eyes in no way condones laws against witches).
Astral Eyes - dragon rider Girl riding dragon

The tables of course turn against the ones performing the sacrifice. We like how they know they're gonna die (in a not so gentle way).
Astral Eyes - dragon turns on the sacrificers Oh no! The dragon is coming after us!

Whoops! I guess when you're sacrificing a witch, be sure to keep her hands tied a little bit better. (Don't you wish you took that knot tying class a little bit more serious?).
Astral Eyes - the sacrifice went wrong The sacrifice went wrong. Really, really wrong

So the dragon and the girl live happily ever after. So we guess it was mutual and not just a temporary thing where the girl just used the poor dragon to get out of a bad situation. That's good to know, as dragons are really sensitive and caring creatures and have feelings, you know?
Astral Eyes - love between the girl and the dragon Dragon and Witch are in love

Isn't that romantic?

So no, that video never got made. Our friendly advisors at the record label said for one, people need to see the band. And for another, well, they said maybe later when trying to break more into the Japanese markets. For now though, that video is on the shelf indefinitely. No regrets though because we really like the video shot outside of Chico and Paradise.

Part 4 - Additional screenshots of the original video

What the album artwork is an homage to