Astral Eyes is the world’s first Romantic Metal band. Imagine you invented a time machine. You take your time machine to the 1800s and bring back Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Brahms, and Wagner, and have them start a Heavy Metal band. What would that band sound like? Astral Eyes!

The band currently has one album out – Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong, released on Halloween 2015, and an EP called Kiss From the Blade released Halloween 2017. Upcoming, an entirely Classical album to be released July 7th (Mahler’s birthday) of 2019.

Roman writes all the music, including the orchestrations. Roman developed a passion for music early on, falling in love first with ABBA, then Journey. Then when he heard Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Ozz, everything changed! He became a Metalhead and for the rest of the 80s, had to pick up every Metal album he could get his hands on.

Roman loves a pretty diverse range of music, from Metal to Celtic and of course Romantic era Classical. He loves music so much that you can often find him in a small club checking out local bands, regardless of musical genre!

As a band, Astral Eyes combines the best of both the Metal worlds and the Romantic era Classical worlds – gorgeous melodies, lush compositions, and brilliant counterpoint from the European traditions with America’s grooves and Blues. And the music is genuine Metal, with their pounding, driving rhythms, the way Metal was supposed to be made. They show the world that music can be both powerful and beautiful at the same time.

What others are saying

“Blades, Babes, and Metal! Thank you Astral Eyes!”
-Andre B

“That was quite a Halfordic scream, and the explosive guitar outro set my screen ablaze.”
-Skeletor Sambora

“Can you guys write me a sting for my show?”
-Chef Rafi

(By the way, we did).

“Asian Jack Black with face bending guitar solos!!!”
-Scott F

“I became an instant fan. Very good music, strange performance, a videoclip that resembles me funny bands and singers like Spinal Tap, Beastie Boys, Weird Al Yankovich, Babymetal and Manowar.

Seriously: a mix of things that gone right separately but gone wrong together – and you guys made them right.”

“I love music. Good shit. Nice solo bad ass lyrics. I dig it. I love the original idea romantic metal too. I think that is the coolest thing. Do your own thing, rock on fellas.”
-Deplorables Original Music

“Astral Eyes is a long awaited revival to metal. I am really picky when it comes to metal and consider myself a metal head. So, when I say
I really enjoyed their music thus far, I mean it.”

-Bridget P

“Heard this at a friend’s party who unfortunately (IMO) only listens to heavy metal. This song was a surprise and me and my wife absolutely loved it. The song is deep and the melody is gorgeous.”
-The Amazonian

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