Astral Eyes fantasy concept series

So, we will be making videos with either dancers and green screens or plain old artwork for our unfinished concept pieces. Thus, we created a new playlist on the Astral Eyes YouTube page called Astral Fantasies.

Mariana from New York did an interpretive dance to an Arabian dance that has yet to have been recorded. Yes, we have a lot on our plates and we often don’t get around to enough.

It’s good though to get videos out the door. We haven’t released anything since the Darvulia video.

Goals of this playlist

With this playlist, we want to gauge some of the instrumental pieces we do. If there’s a demand for certain pieces, then they’ll get orchestrated. If not, they don’t.

Currently, everything on the album is orchestrated with real orchestral players. However, the concepts aren’t. We’re using samples. Samples will never sound as good as the real thing, but at least they’ll give you a rough idea how something should sound.

Here’s the video. It contains a little bit of nudity, so there’s an age restriction on it.

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