Creature of the Night

You’re a Creature of the Night, baby!!!

It’s finally out the door. You can view it here:

It was a lot of work. Roman wrote the script. Nick Testa directed the video. Skitz did all the editing. Filmed almost a month ago and finally released, this should be the video that gets us on the map. Astral Eyes has every intention of being a household name. We invented Romantic Metal and we work like madmen to get to you the best music we can.

Videos are a big part of our business model. Look around you. Everyone’s on a computer nowadays. You’re reading this either from a laptop or a desktop or a phone or an iPad (or iPad competitor). A big part of our business model is getting people to know us on the internet. The internet is where it’s at. We’ve had people bug us about promoting on the radio, but we listen to the kids. The kids tell us that the majority of the new bands they hear, they first listened to online. Online trumps radio. Hey, radio is great. But we’re not going to waste our time promoting like crazy on a dying medium.

Thanking the actresses

So enough of that rant, the video turned out great. So many people we’d like to thank. First off, the actresses:

Astral Eyes girls with hoods
Creatures of the Night From L to R: Nitda, Dash, Alice, Maddy, and Anna

All five of you kicked major ass! Thanks so much to all five of you. Of course you recognize Alice from the first video. She was so awesome to work with that we really wanted to work with her again. All five of you were great, and if any of you need references, we’ll be more than happy to give you glowing reviews. We love people who are pleasant to work with.

Thanks Nick

Next, we wanted to thank Nick Testa, the Director. Second time working with you as a Director. There’s a great reason for that – you know what you’re doing, you’re well-organized, and you’re very efficient. You got in, you knew the script, you told everyone what to do, and you shot the scenes. Your professionalism paid off as we couldn’t be happier with how the scenes turned out, how the lighting turned out, and how you got us to act exactly how we wanted it.

Thanks Vampiress Records

Thanks too to Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records. You’re both level-headed and well-organized. Business is an underappreciated part of the music industry. Everyone loves to credit the artistic side of music, but very few people appreciate the business aspect of it. We do, and both of us thank you greatly for what you did.

Also, thanks to Rob from Blu42 in Walnut Creek. It’s a wonderful club. He let us borrow the club for the day to do the indoor shooting. Outdoors was raining and very cold. We stayed dry and that made the girls happy. Also, let’s not forget the Blu42 staff. Every single one of you were great. You knew what we were there for and each one of you helped us out immensely. We really appreciate that.

And let’s not forget Kenny the Limo Driver. He was great to work with. Very patient. We hope we didn’t drive him nuts. Limo drivers are extremely polite and stoic, so hopefully underneath that stoicism, he enjoyed our presence. We had a blast that day.

A few random pictures from Creature of the Night

Skitz Blackheaven
Nitda, Skitz, and Maddy taking a selfie
Alice Astral Eyes
What’s wrong with a little Human Sacrifice? Alice asking a pretty valid question…
Roman Astral Eyes
Roman gets a little surprise
Astral Eyes Roman
Roman from Astral Eyes – Roman loves his guitars

Full credit list:
Creature of the Night
Filmed 1/16/2016 in Walnut Creek, California. Indoor scenes shot in the Blu42 club.
Directed by Nick Testa
Edited by Skitz Blackheaven
Written by Roman
Starring Skitz Blackheaven, Roman, Alice, Anna, Dash, Maddy, Nitda, and Kenny the Limo Driver as himself
All vocals – Skitz Blackheaven
Guitars – Skitz Blackheaven and Roman
Bass Guitar – Jake Garcia
Drums – Randy Burk
Engineered, Produced, and Mastered by Randy Burk
Written by Astral Eyes
(c) 2015 Vampiress Records and Astral Eyes. All Rights Reserved

Roman and Skitz
These men came to play
Astral Eyes Skitz Blackheaven
Skitz Blackheaven’s turn on Lead Guitar
Skitz Blackheaven
Gettin’ on down with Nitda and Maddy
 Astral Eyes Roman and Skitz
Roman and Skitz playing for you
Skitz Blackheaven Astral Eyes
“Laughing flames burn higher”
Astral Eyes Roman
“A New Reign will begin”
Astral Eyes 80s Metal
“A little fairie dust, a little steamy lust, a brimstone circle gather friends around”
Astral Eyes Creature of the Night
“To bring her back to life, a little sacrifice, just might get complaints from the town”

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