Darvulia video update

We’ll be releasing the Darvulia video next month. You’ve seen some of the pictures of the pre-Darvulia photo shoots.

So you know who our main actresses are already. Yes, the same actresses from the Succubus video.

This time around, we rented a small theater in downtown Sacramento and went full-on artsy fartsy. Why? Because it fit the song.

As artists

It’s important to shape our image. Who are we as a band? Astral Eyes is Romantic Metal. But what does that mean?

Musically, we’re a hybrid style between 19th Century Romanticism and modern Metal music. But visually, we’re artists with stories. We have stories to tell and our lyrics matter. We want you to know that, and we want our lyrics to mean something to you.

The video Darvulia tells the story of a love triangle between Elizabeth Bathory, the most evil woman who ever lived, Anna Darvulia, and Bathory’s male lover. The song itself leaves it open to interpretation. We want you to decide who it’s addressed to. We know, but we’d rather not say it.

Thanks to everyone who played a role in this video. And thanks to Geery Theater in downtown Sacramento for letting us rent there, and for assistance with the lighting and the other rooms.

Kristy had the lead role as Elizabeth Bathory. Jin played Anna Darvulia. And Ryan played Bathory’s male lover.

Roman wrote the script and initially was going to direct it and edit it, but Skitz took over the directing and editing roles.

Astral Eyes masquerade
Anna Darvulia has a jealous moment at the Masquerade Ball

The direction of the videos fits the direction of the music

Our music is getting considerably more complex. Roman’s getting better at orchestration. Skitz is having a bigger role as lyricist and also increasing his lead guitar duties. It’s time the videos reflect Romantic Metal as art, not pop. This isn’t your disposable plastic pop band.

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