It’s Over promo pics

You are my albatross!

So, the 3rd video will be It’s Over. Nick Testa once again directed and once again, our very own Skitz Blackheavn is the editor.

Astral Eyes 3rd video
Skitz, Alice, and Devi
Astral Eyes Kaleah
Kaleah, our lovely contortionist
Astral Eyes Roman kidnapping
Skitz pursues Roman who just kidnapped Princess Nitda as Nick directs

So yes, this video has a pretty cool story line with good guys, bad guys, and some bad ass sword action.

Astral Eyes 3rd video full cast
Kaleah, Skitz, Nitda, Nick, Alice, Devi, and Roman

Giving thanks

Overall, it was a blast shooting this video. Thanks once again to Nick Testa, our Director, Carrie from Vampiress Records, and of course our lovely actresses – Alice, Devi, Kaleah, and Nitda. You’ll remember Alice from both Up in Flames and Creature of the Night and Nitda from Creature of the Night.

We shot it in Martinez, California. We’re blessed living in California as we shot the first video in Chico, the second in Walnut Creek, and of course this one in Martinez.

However, we’ll be breaking ground with the fourth video. We’ll be shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, with two entirely new actresses that we haven’t worked with yet.

We have so much planned for this year. We’ve been crazy busy between all the photo shoots, the video shoots, composition, practicing, and the recording studio. So, if we haven’t been returning your calls promptly, you’ll just have to forgive us.

Astral Eyes It's Over video
And our hero Skitz and Princess Nitda lived for yet another tale…

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