Just the girls

Here are a few shots of just the girls for the upcoming Creature of the Night video.

Astral Eyes limo
Nitda, Anna, Dash, Maddy, and Alice in the back of the limo
Astral Eyes girls
Alice, Dash, Maddy, Anna, and Nitda
Astral Eyes babes
Alice, Dash, Maddy, Anna, and Nitda one more time

Overall, it was a blast shooting this video. Thanks once again to Nick Testa, our Director, Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records, and of course our lovely actresses – Alice, Anna, Dash, Maddy, and Nitda. Alice played the main witch. All the girls did a fine job acting their roles, and were a blast to work with!

Nick Testa was a blast to work with once more. We’ll definitely like to work with him again.

And also thanks to Kenny the limo driver and all the wonderful people at the Blu42 club in Walnut Creek who helped us out, fed us, and provided a base for the shoot. Your hospitality was greatly appreciated!

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