Kiss from the Blade is on track for the Halloween release

Hi everyone. Just a quick update.

We just want to let everyone know that the upcoming Kiss from the Blade EP is still on track for the Halloween release. Roman has harmony and background vocals to add and our session bassist has his bass guitar to record on one song. Then it’s mixing and mastering and off to the online stores.

We more than likely won’t have this EP available in CD format. It will more than likely be digital only.


Roman wrote all the music and the orchestrations. Roman wrote the lyrics to Darvulia. Skitz wrote the lyrics to the other three. Skitz also played lead guitar on those three and Roman only played lead guitar on Darvulia.

On the ballad, we used a string quartet. The other songs have strings in addition to the Metal band. Roman plays piano on the ballad.

We’ll have a full credits list once the EP has been released.

In the meantime

Check out the music video for Darvulia and the lyrics video for Black Flames Unleashed. Those are the EP’s two singles. And if you haven’t already, definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Astral Eyes

Astral Eyes Darvulia video
Astral Eyes Darvulia video

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