You summon up old friends
Ghosts from the past
Loneliness is eating away your Soul
All the people ’round here
Are worth a pinch of salt
You feel no guilt with them in your control

Throw another body in the fire
Shed another piece of mortal shell

(Roman lead break)

A little fairie dust
A bit of steamy lust
A brimstone circle, gather friends around
You bring her back to life
A little Sacrifice
You just might get complaints from the town

Throw another body in the fire
Shed another piece of mortal shell
You please your master as the flames burn higher
And soon you’ll leave this boring hell

(Roman guitar solo, Skitz guitar solo)

You’re a creature of the night
Making love in the Moonlight
Throwing bones into the pyre
Laughing flames burn higher
Breaking down their little walls
Smiling as you watch them fall
Lose yourself to the sin
The new reign will begin

You’re a creature of the night
Hiding out from the sunlight
Gasping for another breath
How they bore you to death
All the things they didn’t know
Ruling over foolish souls
Be patient my dear friend
It’s your world in the end

You’re a creature of the night
Spread your wings and take flight
As the sun will rise again
Run and hide it burns your skin
Another bone into the fire
As it burns forever higher
Enjoy your life and you’ll be well
For when you die it’s straight to hell
You’re a creature of the night

(Roman guitar solo, Skitz guitar solo)

(c) 2015 Vampiress Records, Astral Eyes


Single released 2/15/2016

Astral Eyes Creature of the Night
The Creature of the Night single

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Credits for the video

Roman wrote the video and Skitz edited it. For the second straight video, we hired Nick Testa to direct it.

Creature of the Night girls Astral Eyes
Creatures of the Night From L to R: Nitda, Dash, Alice, Maddy, and Anna

Thanks also to Kenny the limo driver, the Blu42 Club in Walnut Creek, and Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records.

Astral Eyes Skitz Blackheaven
Skitz Blackheaven’s turn on Lead Guitar
Roman and Skitz
Roman’s turn on lead guitar
Roman of Astral Eyes
“A New Reign will begin”
Skitz Blackheaven
Alice, Dash, and Skitz in the limo
Astral Eyes Creatures
Skitz and Maddy taking a much needed break