Promo Pics for the second video

2nd video will be out next month. In the meantime, here are some promo pics with the actresses. Directed once again by Nick Testa.

Skitz and Maddy Astral Eyes
Skitz and Maddy
Skitz Astral Eyes with the girls
Alice, Dash, Maddy, Anna, Nitda, and Skitz

Thanks to Nick Testa, our Director, who we used once again. He was the Director of the video Up in Flames as well.

Also, thanks to our lovely actresses and also Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records, our label. And of course Rob, the owner of the club we used for recording the backdrop scenes. It’s the middle of January in California. We knew it was going to rain. So will lovely ladies in dresses, of course we didn’t shoot outdoors.

Skitz is currently editing the video and we will release it February 1st.

Skitz Blackheaven
Alice, Dash, and Skitz
Roman Nitda Cee Astral Eyes
Nitda and Roman getting cues from the Director
Roman Astral Eyes
Nitda and Roman about to bust out some sexy dance moves

You’re a Creature of the Night, baby!!!

The Creature of the Night single will be released February 1st. It was a blast to shoot. And here are even more shots from the video shoot.

You know the song. An homage to the 80s. Cocaine. Sex. Human sacrifice. That’s soooo 80s.

There’s about to be a little bit of blood spilled. But for good reason of course. You can’t really blame some girls who want to perform a little ritual human sacrifice to bring their friends back from the dead now, can you?

Creature of the Night
From L to R – Nitda, Dash, Alice, Maddy, and Anna
Astral Eyes Creature of the Night
Skitz Blackheaven
Nitda, Skitz, and Maddy busting some moves
Astral Eyes
Nitda, Skitz, and Maddy taking a selfie

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