Promoting both singles from the upcoming Kiss from the Blade EP

So far, we’ve released two singles from the upcoming Kiss from the Blade EP. We’ll be releasing the EP this upcoming Halloween.

We’re really excited to release this one as it’s the new direction we’ll be taking Romantic Metal. Roman’s orchestrating is getting better and both Skitz and Roman are contributing even more backing and harmony vocals. Every song now gets backing and/or harmony vocals. That’s how Randy, our Producer, wanted it, and we agree it’s a great idea!


Astral Eyes Darvulia

We released the Darvulia video back in early May. However, it will be the only music video we release from this EP.

Elizabeth Bathory was the most prolific female serial killer in history. Estimates range from 200 to 660 victims. Many historians believe the real number to be closer to 660.

Anna Darvulia was her mentor and possibly her lover.

Roman wrote both the music and the lyrics and he claims that this is his favorite song he’s written so far.

If you like the song, you can buy Darvulia from Amazon.

Black Flames Unleashed

Astral Eyes Black Flames Unleashed
Black Flames Unleashed

We did release a lyric video for Black Flames Unleashed.

Roman wrote the music and the orchestration and Skitz wrote all the lyrics. For the lyrics video, we used some shots from Black Chasm Cave in the gold country of California.

If you like the song, you can buy Black Flames Unleashed from Amazon.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel

Definitely subscribe to the Astral Eyes official YouTube channel. You can find all our music videos and our lyric videos on there, as well as some other random stuff that Skitz and Roman post.

We have a blast making these videos. Nick Testa directed our first three music videos and Skitz and Roman wrote, directed, and edited the videos from there on out. We learn as we go. That’s been our plan from day one.

Astral Eyes 2017
Astral Eyes – Skitz and Roman

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