Released the Darvulia single

Astral Eyes Darvulia
Astral Eyes Darvulia single

Released the Darvulia single. Pick it up from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon.

So, who was Anna Darvulia?

Elizabeth Bathory is the most prolific female serial killer in history. You’ve heard countless Metal bands write about her. One band named their band after her.

She may have killed over 660 young girls. When they raided her castle, they only found 200 bodies.

Elizabeth Bathory was tried, but couldn’t be sentenced to death as she was royalty. She took her own life after four years of being imprisoned in her own castle.

Bathory was obsessed with her looks. She used to bathe in the blood of young virgins in order to stay young.

This is where Anna Darvulia comes in. Darvulia may have been the witch who told her that she needed to bathe in the blood of virgins in order to keep her skin looking young. However, we don’t know that for sure. Darvulia’s role in this remains disputed to this day. All we know is for one, she existed, and for another, she died before Elizabeth Bathory died.

We’ve heard various legends, like Darvulia was an old witch, Darvulia was her lesbian lover, Darvulia committed suicide before she could be tried, and Darvulia was brutally executed for her role in Bathory’s crimes. None of these accounts are verified so believe what you will.

Which of course makes for an interesting story. We intentionally left the lyrics vague enough that you have to guess who is singing. Is Skitz singing as Anna Darvulia or Bathory’s male lover (who died in battle)? Or, is Skitz singing as Darvulia’s male lover while Darvulia was still young, and this got Darvulia to become a mad witch who eventually would corrupt Elizabeth Bathory?

We won’t tell you what we planned. We wanted you to interpret it yourself.

The upcoming video

Kristy Pure Rebel Jessica and Jin n Tonic returned to us for yet another video. We loved them so much in Succubus that we decided to work with them again.

Kristy had the lead role this time, playing Elizabeth Bathory, the most evil woman who ever lived. And Jin played Anna Darvulia, her mentor and her lover.

Astral Eyes Skitz Blackheaven
Skitz with Jin and Kristy
Astral Eyes Jin and Kristy
It’s good to be bad
Astral Eyes Jin and Roman
Jin and Roman
Astral Eyes evil
Kristy and Roman. “They definitely didn’t look that evil”

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