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Kiss from the Blade EP

Released October 31, 2017. Our first EP, this one features three Heavy Romantic Metal songs and a ballad. This is our last release to feature Skitz Blackheaven, as he left earlier this year for In Spades.

Featuring Darvulia and Black Flames Unleashed. We only made one video from the EP, which of course was Darvulia.

Kiss from the Blade EP

Kiss from the Blade – The title song, with an uptempo pounding beat and ferocious lyrics and tasteful lead guitar work from Skitz.

Black Flames Unleashed – Slow and heavy. More ferocious lyrics and tasteful lead guitar work from Skitz. He plays exactly what the song needs.

Darvulia – Roman’s only lyrics and lead guitar work on the EP. This song has a strong Eastern European feel to it. As it should as the subject is Anna Darvulia.

Glass Rose – Skitz asked Roman to write a piano ballad so Roman wrote a piano ballad. Roman only plays the piano on this song. Backed with a string quartet, bass guitar, and drums. Skitz wrote the words and played lead guitar.

Stargazer single

Released June 27, 2017. We decided to release one more single from our debut album Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong. Why? Because, why not?

Astral Eyes Stargazer

A femme fatale story with a little twist. Plus an ode to those cheap 80s fantasy movies.

Black Flames Unleashed single

Released May 12, 2017. Our second post Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong single.

Astral Eyes Black Flames Unleashed

You’ll love this song! It’s a heavy hitting grinding song, perfect for driving or heavy lifting.

Reigning Ever High, The Calamity is real
Burn Forever, The Blackest Flames of Hell
Where dead men tell no tales, into the mouth of the beast

Scored for Metal band + String orchestra, we sincerely think you’ll enjoy the blend.

Darvulia single

Released March 14, 2017. This is the first single not from the Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong album.

Astral Eyes Darvulia

We did a long write-up on who was Anna Darvulia. The Cliff Notes version – she was an accomplice of Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer of all-time. She may have also been her mentor and her lover.

We worked with our two gorgeous friends Kristy “Pure Rebel” Jessica and Jin n Tonic from the Succubus video shot in Las Vegas once again. This time, we shot the video in Sacramento in a small theater for plays. And we finished up the video in Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

Redivivus single

Astral Eyes Redivivus

Released February 24, 2017.

Nero was arguably the worst Roman Emperor ever. His atrocities cannot be overstated. For example, he had his own mother murdered because she was a threat to his power.

He also once beat his wife to death when she brought up his gambling problem. Emperor Nero loved her dearly, and realized what he did after the fit of rage ended. So he had a lavish funeral for her, found a male slave who unfortunately for the slave, resembled her, had him castrated, and married the slave and called the slave by his dead wife’s name.

Nero spent so much of the taxpayers’ money that he had to devalue the denarius.

What he did to the Christians was horrible. In fact, so horrible that Christians for centuries after his death, still feared he would come back from the dead as the Anti-Christ and attack Rome. This, is what this song is about, except he comes back in modern times.

A true Romantic Metal masterpiece. Don’t miss it!

It’s Over single

Astral Eyes It's Over

Released July 22, 2016. Video shot in Martinez, California. Our ode to Cosplay. Video written and edited by Skitz. Directed by Nick Testa. Thanks to the girls (in order of appearance) – Nitda Cee, Kaleah Dawn, Alice Descoteaux, and Devi. Skitz also selected all the girls’ costumes.

The song itself of course is a breakup song. We’ve all been in bad relationships longer than we should have. This one’s about one that dragged out and ended pretty badly. And of course, the obvious nod to the great Romantic writer – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Creature of the Night single

Creature of the Night

Released February 15, 2016. Sex, drugs, and human sacrifice. Our homage to 80s Metal.

Video shot in Walnut Creek, California. What a blast we had!

Video written by Roman, directed by Nick Testa, and edited by Skitz. Thanks to the girls (in order of appearance) – Alice Descoteaux, Anna Acosta, Maddy Pelosi, Dash Luce, and Nitda Cee. Also thanks to Carrie R and Issa Arabi from Vampiress Records, Kenny the Limo Driver, and Rob from Blu42.

Actually, this song pre-dates Astral Eyes. Roman wrote it for Sin Virtues, his previous band, but that band broke up before it got recorded. So, what to do with it? Carry it over, of course!

Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong

Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong

Our debut album. Released October 31, 2015. You could tell Halloween is a very special day for us!

Up in Flames – Opens with a bang! A heavy, yet beautiful Romantic Metal piece.

Creature of the Night – Today’s Metal lost its sense of humor. Tongue-in-cheek homage to the 80s.

Queen Mab Has Gone Quite Mad – Instrumental waltz a la Mendelssohn, early Romanticism.

It’s Over – Punk Metal breakup song

Redivivus – Perfect example of Romantic Metal. Scored for Metal band + Strings + 2 Trumpets and 2 Trombones. The horn blasts signal power, and Nero was perhaps the most evil of all Roman Emperors.

Succubus – She comes into your dreams and seduces you. Give in, and you’ll wake up dead, and she’ll own your soul.

Curse of Circe – Starts with a belly dance and goes straight up Metal. A little bit more sympathetic to the Witch.

The Show Must Go On – Even if everything goes wrong, power forward!

Stargazer – Homage to early 80s cheap Fantasy films. Musically, straight up Metal.

My Last Serenade – We end our debut album with a tragic ballad.