Skitz Blackheaven will be leaving Astral Eyes for In Spades

Skitz Blackheaven will be stepping down from Astral Eyes and going a more Progressive Metal route with In Spades. His vocals and lead guitar work for the upcoming EP have already been recorded. He wrote the lyrics to three of the four songs on the EP and also played lead guitar on those three songs.

We thank him for bringing the band back to life. As the people who have been following us have known, Astral Eyes as a dead band in 2014 and Skitz revitalized the band.

We had a good run with Skitz, starting in May 2015. He immediately got into the studio and recorded his vocal and lead guitar tracks, and were able to release the debut album on time for Halloween 2015. Excellent work!

We also made five music videos with Skitz – Up in Flames, Creature of the Night, It’s Over, Succubus, and Darvulia.

We wish him best of luck with In Spades!

Skitz Astral Eyes
Skitz from Creature of the Night
Skitz Blackheaven and Nitda Cee for Astral Eyes Darvulia
Skitz played two roles for the Darvulia video, and even directed it!
Skitz Blackheaven Astral Eyes hero
The It’s Over video was written and edited by Skitz. He even did the costume design
Astral Eyes Skitz Blackheaven
Skitz played lead guitar and lead vocals for Astral Eyes 2015-2017

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