Some random pictures

Well, the band is hard at work in the recording studio. So the band’s webmaster decided to publish some old pictures. Why? Why not?

I know “the band is hard at work” is not the news you want to hear. You already know the Kiss from the Blade EP will be released on Halloween.

For the upcoming EP, all the guitars, drums, pianos, and orchestral instruments have already been recorded. We have a session bass guitarist coming in and also Roman still has to add some harmony vocals. Then, Randy from Stout Recording Studio mixes it before sending the EP off to be mastered. So much work left to do!

Oh, one more piece of news. Roman’s currently composing the final piece for an entirely Classical EP that the band will release next year, before the second full album comes out. The band decided to keep releasing constantly. They don’t want their fans to think they’re being neglected. There’s also a reason for an entirely Classical release. I’m not allowed to discuss that however.

Here are some old pics!

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