Some shots from the Pre-Darvulia shoot

Kudos to both Kristy Pure Rebel Jessica and Jin n Tonic. We love you both!

As you may already know, Kristy played Elizabeth Bathory, the most evil woman who ever lived. And Jin played Anna Darvulia, her mentor and her lover.

Whereas the video itself will be very artsy fartsy, the night before, the four of us did a photoshoot for fun. It was nice to take a break from our hectic work schedule.

Jin, Roman, Kristy Astral Eyes
Don’t hate us because we’re beautiful
Astral Eyes sexy
Ever notice human sacrifice has been a recurring theme with this band?

The past few months have been nothing but work, work, and more work. Both of us have been cramming to meet our deadlines for getting this second album out the door.

Jin & Kristy are a blast though. Both ridiculously hard working. But know how to enjoy life too.

Jin & Skitz - Astral Eyes
The man with the Pipes!
Astral Eyes Skitz Metal

Darvulia video credits

Roman wrote the script and Skitz directed it. It was shot in Sacramento, California in a small theater. It’s still being edited as this wasn’t an easy task.

Thanks to all the actors and actresses. Joe and Megan played the critics. Ryan played Elizabeth Bathory’s lover. Nitda Cee even had a cameo.

Also thanks to Diane and John of Geery Theater and of course Carrie and Issa from Vampiress Records. Carrie and Issa’s assistance cannot be overstated. They fixed a few serious flubs we had.

Skitz Astral Eyes guitar
You didn’t know Jin could shred, did you?
Astral Eyes guitars
We got this


The video will be released sometime in May. It’s pretty complicated.

Also in May, we’ll be releasing our second single – Black Flames Unleashed.

Astral Eyes succubus
“Hey, isn’t that the girl from the Succubus video?”
Astral Eyes bathory
Roman with Elizabeth Bathory, the most prolific female serial killer in history

Skitz had a filming injury during one of the stunts and is currently in too much pain to work. So we’ll be setting back the video release about a week.

Astral Eyes Roman Bathory
“See, Elizabeth Bathory wasn’t so bad…”
Astral Eyes Kristy and Roman
“Or, maybe she was…”

Skitz Blackheaven Astral Eyes explorer
Skitz loves Explorer style bodies
Jin and Skitz Astral Eyes esp explorer
Astral Eyes also writes some really cool music!

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