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If you haven’t already, definitely subscribe to the Official Astral Eyes YouTube channel! We’ve completed five music videos so far and put a lot of work into each one.

We had an outside Director direct the first three and Skitz edited those videos. Roman wrote, directed, and edited the Succubus video. And Roman wrote and edited the most recent video, Darvulia, whereas Skitz directed it.

As experienced musicians, we’ve decided to go an alternate route, focusing more on the internet than live performances. We’ve encountered more young people today who learn of bands from the internet rather than from live shows.

This will change shortly though as we understand that as a band, you really need to do both.

In the meantime though, definitely subscribe if you haven’t already. We’ve had a blast making all five of these videos. We won’t be making another video though for the upcoming EP. So Darvulia was the final video of 2017 for us.

And remember, the EP comes out this Halloween!

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