Succubus uncensored

Released the uncensored version of the Succubus video:

From Roman:

I prefer this version of the Succubus video much more as my initial editing, I don’t think I did that great of a job. Skitz is the usual editor of the two of us. He actually has a degree in it. However, I’ve been cramming my editing skills as well because we’re both planning on writing, directing, and editing our own works in the near future.

The criticism I got – I really should have used a stabilizer, the story doesn’t make enough sense, the video was too “light” for a dark song, I took it all to heart. I attempted to correct all three problems with this release.

Astral Eyes succubus promo
An early promo shot of the Succubus video
Skitz Blackheaven Succubus
Skitz Blackheaven on lead guitar
Roman Succubus
Roman on rhythm guitar

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