The Astral Eyes Darvulia video has been released

In our most elaborate video yet, Astral Eyes went full on artsy fartsy. We wanted to make a play within a play. Thus, we worked hard on the story line to our Darvulia video and shot it in multiple locations.

We’ve already published some of the pre-shoot Darvulia pictures. Now finally, the video itself.

Some Darvulia screen caps

Kristy Jessica and Jin N Tonic were a blast to work with. As you already know, we worked with both of them in Las Vegas in the Succubus video.

We shot the bulk of the video inside a small theater in downtown Sacramento. We finished up the video in San Francisco, filming in both Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.

Astral Eyes Bathory and Darvulia
Kristy played Elizabeth Bathory and Jin played Anna Darvulia
Roman of Astral Eyes plays lead guitar on Darvulia
Roman finished his guitar solo on Ocean Beach, San Francisco

A big fat thanks to everyone who worked on the video. We first want to thank all the actors. Kristy, Jin, Joe, Megan, Ryan, and Nitda. And of course us, but thanking us would be silly now, wouldn’t it?

And thanks to the crew. Kristy and Jin both assisted filming. Skitz directed. Roman wrote and edited. And a big thanks to Carrie R and Issa Arabi from Vampiress Records. They helped big time, including bailing us out of a really stupid jam caused by somebody forgetting some important tools.

Astral Eyes masquerade
Elizabeth Bathory and her lover at the Masquerade Ball
Astral Eyes Darvulia arrested
One of the guards (played by Skitz) about to arrest Darvulia
Astral Eyes witchcraft
Elizabeth Bathory learned her witchcraft from Anna Darvulia

We had a blast!

Jin chose the lunch spot and what a weird lunch we ended up having. Then after we finished filming, belly dancing! Moroccan food. The food was just ok, but the belly dancer got both Jin and Roman to dance with her. No, we won’t post those pictures.

A great time was had by all.

Then, we did all the outdoor shoots several weeks later in San Francisco, concluding in Ocean Beach for Roman’s guitar solo.

What’s next?

Black Flames Unleashed will be the next video we do. Skitz will write, and edit it and we’ll more than likely hire Nick Testa back to direct it. This one will be filmed in Oakland, California.

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