The “It’s Over” video is up!

Astral Eyes Princess Nitda
Once upon a time, there was a lovely Princess named Nitda
Astral Eyes Evil Roman
Then the Evil Roman came along and kidnapped her
Astral Eyes Kaleah
Our hero Skitz tried to get her back, but Evil Kaleah blocked Evil Roman’s escape
Skitz Blackheaven Astral Eyes hero
We get to see our hero Skitz get by the evil demonesses one by one
Astral Eyes evil Devi
Skitz has to get past Evil Devi
Astral Eyes Evil Alice
And Evil Alice
Evil Twins Astral Eyes
And the Evil Twins at the same time
Princess Nitda tied up
Meanwhile, Evil Roman has devious plans. Because he’s evil
Skitz Blackheaven hero
Can our hero Skitz get past all the demonesses and Evil Roman and save Princess Nitda?

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