The Succubus has arrived

Skitz and Roman are back from Vegas! Had a blast with Jin N Tonic and Kristy Jessica, two super hot actresses who starred in our latest video. Check it out!

We shot this in the desert outside of Las Vegas. You know how hot Vegas gets, so that means waking up at 5AM, having our coffee and a quick breakfast, and getting out there and getting the filming done before it got too hot. You don’t want to get stuck in the desert.

If you’ve been to Vegas but never left the town, we strongly advice you to do so. The desert is gorgeous!

This was the first time for some of us, and we had a wonderful shoot.

This was also the first video Astral Eyes shot outside of California. We shot Up in Flames in Chico, Creature of the Night in Walnut Creek, and It’s Over in Martinez.

Succubus is the last video for our debut album Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong. If you like the music, definitely support us!

Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong
Another Sacrifice Gone Wrong

Promo shots & stills from the video

Succubus cast Astral Eyes video
The cast of Succubus – (L to R) Skitz Blackheaven, Jin n Tonic, Kristy Pure Rebel Jessica, and Roman
Skitz Blackheaven of Astral Eyes
Skitz wandering the desert, pondering the meaning of life
Jin & Kristy from Astral Eyes Succubus video
This Demoness fears no blade

Roman wrote, directed, and edited this video. It was his first time directing since Bleeding Ulcer Productions went out of business in the late 90s. Bleeding Ulcer Productions? Yes, you’ll remember that name. You’ll be hearing it again…

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