The Sweet Smell of Gunpowder

For 2018, we’re keeping to the goal of releasing one song every single month. For February, this is The Sweet Smell of Gunpowder.

Roman wrote this piece back in 2012, but at the time, we didn’t have the money to orchestrate it. Now we do.

This was recorded back when we were using Laney amps. Ironically, Roman didn’t use the Paul Reed Smith at all on this song. He recorded his rhythm guitars with a customized Ibanez RG with Seymour Duncan pickups and for the lead, we used a Fender Telecaster through the Orange amp.

The song itself honors America. Roman wrote the main melody while thinking of Native American pow wow songs. Despite the rhythm having a consistent feel, you’ll hear the melody is quite loose in feel.

This may be the first pure Romantic Metal song ever written.

We made this song available everywhere. It’s both available streaming and for purchase. Please support the band by buying it from the stores, then play it loud!

Sweet Smell of Gunpowder on Amazon

Sweet Smell of Gunpowder on iTunes

Sweet Smell of Gunpowder on Google Play

Astral Eyes Sweet Smell of Gunpowder

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