Lizzie’s Opium Waltz

Not really a music video, we took clips from an old 1920s Swedish film called Häxan and added our waltz. Released on March 2018.


Filmed in March 2017. Indoor shots filmed in Geery Theater in downtown Sacramento and outdoor shots shot at the San Francisco Botanical Gardens within Golden Gate Park, and Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Written and edited by Roman. Directed by Skitz.

Anna Darvulia was one of Elizabeth Bathory’s accomplices. Darvulia more than likely died before Bathory went to trial. Much of Darvulia’s life has been fictionalized as we know relatively little about her. So we decided to take her story and run with it.


Filmed early September 2016 in the desert outside of Las Vegas. Written, directed, and edited by Roman.

A succubus is a demoness that can go into a man’s dreams and seduce him. If he gives in, he dies and she gets his soul. You’ll see odes to both David Lynch and French directors Jeunet and Caro. Those directors excelled with dream sequences. Thus, the nod to both directors as this video is meant to be a bad dream.

It’s Over

Filmed in June 2016 in Martinez, California. Written and edited by Skitz Blackheaven; directed by Nick Testa. Imagine a Heavy Metal cosplay video. Skitz wanted a cosplay video, and cosplay with ninjas is what we came up with. Fun times!

Creature of the Night

Filmed in Walnut Creek, California in January 2016. We got rained on, and had to cancel the outdoor section of the shoot. However, between the club and the limo, it turned out excellent! This song and the video are both homages to Golden Age Metal.

Directed by Nick Testa and edited by Skitz Blackheaven.

Up in Flames

Filmed in Chico, California in October 2015. Directed by Nick Testa and edited by Skitz Blackheaven.